Play chess like a pro

Tips for chess top players
Do you want to play chess at a club or at public tournament? Then you are in the right place.
1. Write down all the games
Do you want to improve? Then learn from your mistakes! Write down each game and then analyze them. For example, Download a part form templates.
Alternative: The chess clubs have their game forms which can be used.

There are two possibilities for analysis:
With other players (possibly better) or with the help of a chess program on the computer.

Chess players are usually friendly, so it is often necessary to analyze the game with the opponent. I often learned more from my opponents than from self-study. The game is usually analyzed with a qualified coach of the club, which is much stronger than you. If neither of these possibilities is available, the analysis by a computer is also helpful.

2. Do not memorize any openings at the beginning.
Many instructors are starting to bring your attacking theory to the class. However, it is much more important to learn how to position your characters, what strategies are in the middle game, and how to win the finals. Do you know how to win against a king with two uneven runners? If you do not, you should acquire this knowledge compellingly!

The theory is forgotten! Now it’s time for logic and understanding. I was inactive for three years. At this time, I remembered almost all the openings I’ve learned! Still, I played chess again, because I knew how to set up its characters.

3. Tactic training
Strategy and final game knowledge are best learned by a qualified chess trainer. Tactics must be practiced at home! By tactics, training is meant the solving of chess tasks.

4. Preparation for the opponent
The more professional you become, the more likely it is that there are already game records of the competitor. A short analysis of what the opponent plays for openings can bring a significant advantage.

5. Chess training
Train, train, train and train again. In chess, it is important that you stay on the ball permanently. If you want to be successful, you have to join a chess club and go to chess training regularly (at least once a week). Also, you can further develop your studies. Here you will find some valuable lessons in the practice area.